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An Advanced Bloodline (or Kekkai Genkai/Bloodline Limit) is a special kind of genetic ability, and is something that can ONLY be achieved if it runs in your family. Which means, attacks that are only family secrets, but still possible for someone to learn if they were outside the family, don't count.

Byakugan: Advanced Bloodline of the Hyuuga Clan
AKA the White Eyes/Evil Eyes attack this bloodline limit gives it's user the ability to have an almost 360 degree vision, and to see through almost any solid matter, among other things. Once this ability can be well controlled it can then be used to do a whole new range of special attacks!

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Haku's Bloodline
Not too much is known about this Bloodline Limit since the only user to ever make an appearance on Naruto is Haku. But, we do know a few things. This Bloodline basically allows the user to have incredible control over Water and Ice, and then use this control to form special attacks.

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Sharingan: Advanced Bloodline of the Uchiha Clan
Translating in English to the Copy Wheel Eye This Bloodline Limit, allows it's users to copy and forever call upon just about any technique it is witness to. In addition to that it can see through nearly any kind of illusion, and hypnotize it's opponents.

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Shikotsumyaku: Advanced Bloodline of the Kaguya Clan
AKA the Corpse Bone Pulse this allows it's user complete control over their bone structure. Which includes lengthening, changing, growing, and moving just about any bone. The user can also increase the amount of calcium in a bone and make it become stronger than steel.

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