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Here you can find detailed information on all the missions occuring in Volume 01 of the Naruto manga series.

Mission 1 – Survival exercise!

This mission is assigned to Team Seven by Kakashi, and will determine whether or not his three students will become a lower ninja. It only has a 34% chance of success, but after Kakashi teases them that they can’t do it, the team decides that they will be able to and so they take Kakashi up on his challenge. He tells them to arrive in the morning, and that they shouldn’t eat any breakfast unless they “enjoy throwing-up.” Once Kakashi arrives (late) he tells them the objective of the mission.

Kakashi holds up two bells, and explains that the goal is to try and get one bell from him. And since there are only two bells, the person who doesn’t get one will be tied up to a stump and forced to watch their partners eat lunch, (Since Kakashi arrived late, he set a timer that goes off at noon, which is why they would be eating lunch instead of breakfast.) and to top it all off will be the first to fail the test, thus forcing him/her to start Ninja school over again. Kakashi then tells them that they may, if they wish, use shuriken. He also makes an important point, stating “Attack as though you mean to kill or you’ll never stand a chance.” After he says that, Sakura then shows that she is worried, saying that he could get killed. Naruto makes fun of Kakashi, pointing out how he couldn’t dodge a chalkboard eraser. Kakashi talks back, saying that we’ll “forget about the dunce” and start on his signal. Naruto gets angry at that remark, and runs at him with shuriken in hand.

Kakashi easily counters it, with an end result of Naruto’s shuriken being forced near his neck by Kakashi. “I didn’t say go.” Kakashi says. This shows the first example of just some of Kakashi’s true strength. After that happens, Team Seven is pretty amazed at what he can do, but Kakashi is also proud that Naruto actually struck to kill. After Kakashi complements the team on how he’s starting to like Team Seven, he says “Ready… Steady… GO!!!” and the fight against Kakashi officially starts.
Sakura and Sasuke are seen hiding in bushes.

Whilst Naruto is out in the open confronting Kakashi directly. Kakashi says that he’s going to teach Naruto a new skill, Tai-Jutsu, the art of the trained body. Then, he reaches into his pocket, and a book emerges from it. Naruto is shocked as to why he would be reading, but after Kakashi asks why Naruto isn’t going to fight him, and points out that it “doesn’t make any difference of the outcome, considering who I’m up against,” Naruto goes for him, angry, again.

Naruto tries everything he can to hit Kakashi; kicks, punches, and so forth. Nothing hits him, and eventually Kakashi teleports behind Naruto, making the sign of the Tiger with his hands. Sakura thinks to herself that it’s too much of an advanced technique, and yells to Naruto that he’ll be killed. Naruto gets distracted from that comment, allowing Kakashi to easily use his “attack” – which involves forcing his fingers up Naruto’s ass and making him go flying through the air (One Thousand Years of Death).

Still hiding in seperate bushes, Sakura comment on how stupid that technique was, and Sasuke says that Naruto and Kakashi are “both buffoons” After Naruto lands in the lake, though, Sakura starts to get worried. Naruto is shown, saying to himself “It can’t end like this” – He throws two Shuriken Stars out from the water, but Kakashi slips his fingers through the holes in the stars, catching them easily while still chuckling at his book.

Naruto starts to think about Mizuki and Iruka, which makes him stronger, and he soon climbs out of the lake. Some chit-chat happens between Kakashi and Naruto. Naruto’s on the ground tired. It shows Sasuke / Sasuke in the bushes again, their stomachs growling for food. Naruto’s hungry, too, but it shows him saying he “has to win no matter what,” and with Kakashi off guard with Naruto’s jabbering, suddenly a whole bunch of clone Narutos (thanks to his Kage Bushin no Jutsu) fly out of the water, running at Kakashi. Then, while Kakashi is distracted, the real Naruto jumps onto Kakashi from behind, clinging to him. He explains to Kakashi that he’s going to punch him once, as payback for what he did to “his ass”.

Then, somehow, Kakashi is suddenly holding an injured Naruto clone that blocked the punch for him.

Naruto lays on the ground, shocked, that he didn’t hit Kakashi. Now, a Naruto is holding another Naruto, so the real Naruto turns on the other Naruto’s thinking that one of them is Kakashi. After they punch each other, one of them suggests that the real Naruto drop the illusion so they’ll be just two people left and he can confirm who the real Kakashi is. Naruto does so, and to his surprise, he’s the only one standing there. Sakura comments on how awful Naruto looks, and Sasuke explains to the readers that Kakashi used the Art of Substitution to switch places with a clone Naruto. Sasuke then spots Kakashi from the brush he is still hiding in, and then the scene switches to Naruto again.

Naruto spots a single bell on the ground. Naruto thinks to himself that Kakashi must’ve dropped it by accident. Right as he is about to pick it up, he triggers a trap, which causes a large rope to wrap around his ankles and hang him upside down from a tree above him. It goes back to Sasuke again, saying to himself that it was obvious that it was a trap, but he also troubled that Kakashi didn’t drop his guard once during the fight with Naruto.

Kakashi finally comes out from hiding, and picks up the bell he had placed as bait. He teases Naruto telling him that he fell for such an obvious trap, but he also makes an important statement, “Shinobi read the hidden meanings within the hidden meanings.”

While Kakashi and Naruto are chatting, Sasuke takes this chance to throw several shuriken stars directly at Kakashi’s head. They hit Kakashi dead on, splattering blood everywhere. Naruto starts yelling frantically, claiming that Sasuke way overdid it.

To both Naruto and Sasuke’s surprise, Kakashi has once again used the Art of Substitution, this time replacing himself with a tree-stump instead of a doppelganger Naruto. Sasuke panics, realizing that Kakashi purposefully acted off-guard so Sasuke would give away his location, thus allowing Kakashi to get a chance to attack him.

The scene switches to Sakura, going out from her hiding spot to find Sasuke. She spots Kakashi, who hasn’t seen Sakura yet, or so she thinks. Soon, someone yells for Sakura to look out, and she turns around and Kakashi is right there.

Scene switches to Naruto. He insults Kakashi’s “hidden meanings within hidden meanings” comment, cutting himself free from his trap. As he says to himself that he isn’t going to get caught, he steps in ANOTHER trap that was set under the same one he triggered earlier, and doing the same thing the other trap did.

Now it’s back to Sakura again. Kakashi is seen in a pile of leaves, and he makes a hand sign, disappearing within them. Sakura is confused as to where Kakashi went, but soon she hears Sasuke’s voice and runs over to it. She sees Sasuke, battered and bruised with ninja weapons sticking into him. Sakura freezes in shock, and screams afterwards, then faints. The real Sasuke is seen, commenting on how if that was Sakura he just heard she may have been beaten. Kakashi is shown, saying that Genjutsu, the Art of Illusion is the technique he used and that Sakura fell for it. “I’m not like the others…” Sasuke says. Kakashi comments that he should save his boasts until he has a bell.

Kakashi and Sasuke face eachother, Kakashi commenting on how he’s looking forward to fighting a member of the Uchiha clan. Sasuke starts the fight, throwing 15 ninja knives at Kakashi. After he dodges them, more ninja weapons come heading Kakashi’s way, barely missing him. Kakashi and Sasuke brawl some more. Sasuke almost gets a bell, but his hand doesn’t grasp it quite right, so he’s forced to jump off Kakashi and get back in position. Kakashi complements him, pointing out that he couldn’t read his book while he was fighting.

Sakura is shown again, her consciousness regained. She thinks to herself that the last thing she remembers was Sasuke dying, but that it couldn’t be possible. Then she yells his name, and questions his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Naruto is still hanging from the trap Kakashi set. He spots a boulder behind the tree stumps that they could get tied to, and he realizes that the lunch boxes are on it. He pats himself on the back, realizing that shinobi are supposed to read the hidden meanings within hidden meanings.

Scene switches back over to Kakashi and Sasuke. Kakashi admits that Sasuke isn’t like the others. Sasuke readies a new technique, the Firestyle Fireball technique. Kakashi is wide eyed in shock that Sasuke’s chakra has even developed enough to perform it.

Fire gets blown from his mouth in a huge blazing fireball. After the fire clears, Kakashi is no where to be found. Sasuke looks around for him, realizing that he is below him. But it’s too late. Kakashi uses Groundhog Technique Decapitation, which traps Sasuke in the ground with only his head above it.

Kakashi walks away, soon finding Naruto hiding behind the boulder about to eat the lunches.

Sakura is shown again, this time she sees Sasuke. She thinks his head has been severed, and so she falls over in shock. Sasuke gets out of the hole and Sakura hears his voice realizing he’s okay. After some chit-chat between the two, Sasuke leaves to go back to Kakashi – to get revenge. He’s too late, however, because right when he goes to get him the alarm strikes noon. Ten minutes later, Team Seven is shown again. Naruto is tied to the stump, whilst Sasuke and Sakura are near their lunches. Before they eat, Kakashi starts talking to them, telling them that they don’t need to worry about going back to the Ninja academy. Team Seven celebrates, thinking that they have passed, but Kakashi continues on with his sentence.

“…More schooling would be pointless. You all will never become Shinobi!!!”

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