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Included with the release of Shonen Jump's "Naruto Collector", were interviews with the (English) voice actors for: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi. Several weeks earlier to promote the book Shonen Jump released an additional question not included in the interview. This interview (including the bonus question) for Kate Higgins (voice of Sakura), can be found below:

Microphone Masters
We interview the voice actors behind the Naruto anime!

How is the anime different from the manga? That isn’t a riddle to test your psyche, nor is it a trivia question to earn you a copy of the box sets of uncut Naruto DVDs. There are many differences, key among them: sound! And we got a chance to talk with four individuals who have a lot to do with making the anime come alive: the voice actors who portray Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and their mentor, Kakashi. We asked them about how they relate to their characters – and for career advice, in case any Naruto Collector readers wanna become voice actors themselves one day.

Kate Higgins
The voice of Sakura

1. How are you most like the character you portray?

I think I’m pretty spunky. She’s spunky and determined. I have a competitive edge. I like to do my best at whatever I’m doing. I also have in the past tended to be drawn to the same type of guys – distant, dark and brooding, you know. But then I always had the nice-guy friend who would be interested in me – but no, I’d want the unavailable guy. But I’m growing up.

2. If we met you for the first time, what would surprise us most about you, given our preconceptions based on the character you portray?

You’d probably be surprised by my accent. I’m from Alabama. I think that I don’t look too different, except for the pink hair. I act kind of like her.

3. What have you learned about the character you play, the deeper you’ve gotten into the role?

I have learned that she’s more complex than you would think right off the bat. She’s not just super happy-go- lucky all the time. She has a very sensitive side. And I think she cares about Naruto’s feelings even though it’s not obvious.

4. In Japan, the voice actors record together. In America, the voice actors record their lines separately – what do you think of the contrasting formats?

Well, I would love it if we all did it together, because that way you’re really getting to interact with the other actors, and it should make for really honest acting. I hope I have enough practice, training and experience that I’m performing honestly, even though I’m not interacting; I do get to hear their voices before I do my take. There’s something to be said, though, for being in the same room with someone, seeing their facial expressions, and I would say that is ideal.

5. Is the voice you use in the anime your “real” voice, or is it very different from how you’d sound if you just called a friend to say hi?

It’s not very different. Because of the setting of the show, Sakura’s voice might be a little more intense, with heightened excitement. But I’m pretty silly in real life, and so my voice always sounds kind of performing- like. I’m not trying to find some voice for her and put it on.

6. If one of our readers wants to pursue voice acting, what recommendations would you have for them?

I’d have a lot. Here’s the top three. First, it’s acting, so get the most experience you can as an actor, whether that’s being in plays, taking a class. I would definitely recommend a good voice-acting class. There’s some technical things that are different from acting in a movie. Second, I would say you’ve got to move to where the business is, to where it’s all happening. And third, I’d say, and it may be the most important, is being good to work with, being pleasant and responsible, showing up on time, being professional about it, working on yourself in general – no one wants to work with someone who’s a pain in the rear.


The voice actors who perform the roles of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi in the Naruto anime bring everything they’ve got to the task. When you hear Naruto say “Believe it” you know it’s Maile Flanagan playing ninja. We asked those four actors who they’d play if they could be any other characters in the anime. For more insight, read the full interview in the Naruto Collector, on sale May 16.

Kate Higgins, the voice of Sakura: “If I were a guy I’d want to be Sasuke, but I’m not a guy.”

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