Masashi Kishimoto as "Hatake Kakashi" Interview

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In early 2006, Shonen Jump (USA) conducted an interview with creator of the Naruto series, Masashi Kishimoto. This interview was then divided into two parts and released in the 2006 May and June issues of Shonen Jump.

At the end of the 2nd part of the interview, Kishimoto-sensei agreed to do an interview as if he were Kakashi.

Kakashi Speaks

Masashi Kishimoto agreed to answer these questions in the voice of Kakashi, mentor to Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

SJ: How have your three students surprised you thus far?

Kakashi: Surprised? I’m very calculating, so I’m not that easy to “Surprise.” *laughs* However… Naruto is very active and does whatever he wants to do. But surprisingly, he always does his best. He is a hard worker. Sasuke is an elite ninja, sure, but he turns out to be not all that useful - he’s rather sloppy. So rather than being surprised, I’m disappointed. Sakura is easily excited but has a good memory.

SJ: Which is stronger: sand or sound?

Kakashi: Hmm, in the end, I think sound prevails.

SJ: Which of your three students would make the best ninja instructor?

Kakashi: I think it would be Sakura. She has flaws in her personality, like stalking Sasuke. But Sakura is the closest to being normal. Naruto is stupid, and Sasuke is not a teacher-type. He keeps to himself.

SJ: What’s the worst thing your teacher did to you when you were training to be a ninja? [Kishimoto-sensei spent a long time pondering this, showing us how difficult the question is for Kakashi.]

Kakashi: I was an excellent student, so I never suffered.

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