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What's a cel? What's a doujinshi? What's a sensei? There are many terms used in the Naruto series that the average non-Japanese person just wouldn't know. Here we've come up with a list of most of those words, along with an explanation of them and picture if needed.

Word / Phrase Meaning
Akanbe Pulling down 1 eyelid and sticking out one's tongue.
AMV An all Anime Music Video; Made by fans, freely distributed.
Animation Cel Each frame in an anime is drawn. All drawings are on a cel.
Anime A Cartoon from Japan. In Japan all cartoons are called this.
Anamorphic DVD Term used to describe high-quality widescreen DVDs.
Baka Fool / Idiot / Trivial Matter / Folly.
BitTorrent A program allowing transaction of files over the internet.
Chakra The resulting energy of mixing Spiritual & Physical energies.
[Name]-Chan If same age/younger refers to female friends, pets & kids.
Chapter About 20 pages of manga. New manga releases in Chapters
Chibi Runt / Dwarf / Shrimp; Someone who is Short.
Cosplay Originated in Japan, it is essentially play-acting in costumes.
Dattebayo Means nothing; it's an emphasis, & doesn't mean Believe it.
[Name]-Dono Term of respect. Inferior to' Sama' but superior to 'San'.
Doujinshi A manga, based on an existing series, made/sold by fans.
Dubbing A dub is an anime with changed voices and language.
Fan Art Fan drawn art, which is based on an already existing series.
Fanfic/Fan Fiction Stories written by fans, usually based on an existing series.
Fansub Fan-produced translated, subtitled version of an anime.
Fanzine Magazines made by fans, published by fans, for fans.
Filler Parts of an anime which were not in the manga.
Genga Cel An original Animation Cel before it's been colored or edited.
Graphic Novel A Collection of several Manga Chapters put into a book.
Hitai-ate The forehead protector worn by all Genin+ ninja.
Hopstep Award Contest for a short contract with Jump Comics held in Japan
J-Pop If it's from Japan & it's not classical or folk music, it's J-Pop.
J-Rock A term used only out of Japan, it refers to rock-style J-Pop.
Japanimation In Japan, this is used to describe Japanese made Cartoons.
Jutsu A suffix meaning art of or means (ie: ijutsu = art of healing)
Ko Refers to familiarity with a female friend, usually girlfriend.
Konoha Another word for the Village Hidden in the Leafs.
[Name]-Kun Male friends your age or younger or a lower ranked women.
Kunai Small throwing knives, created especially for Ninja.
Manga A Japanese made Comic Book. In Japan any kind of Comic.
Mangaka Out of Japan: A Manga Artist. In Japan: Any Comic Artist.
Ninja Ninja / Japanese secret agent of old (very good at hiding).
OST Music from an anime released on CD (Original Soundtrack).
Otaku A fan of Anime/Manga in the U.S. In Japan, otaku is a geek.
OVA / OAV Original Video Animation, anime released directly to video.
Repo Cel A reproduction of an animation cel, & is done by computer.
[Name]-Sama Denotes a large amount of respect to the person being said.
[Name]-San Japanese Suffix basically meaning Mr. or Mrs. or Miss.
Scanlation A Fan-made scan & translation of someone elses manga.
Seiyuu A voice actor or actress (for radio, or animation, etc.).
Sensei A Teacher / Master / Instructor / Doctor.
Settei Sheet Anime Studios use for artists to draw anime like the manga.
Shinobi This is really just another word for Ninja.
Shuriken Small edged weapon often used for throwing/Throwing Star.
Tankoubon The Japanese version of a manga Graphic Novel volume.
Webzines A digitized version of a Fanzine, also fan made.


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