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The Uchiha clan is arguably the strongest clan in Konoha next to the Hyuuga clan. To this day, the Uchiha clan has all been murdered and eradicated with only 2 remaining survivers. Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Itachi (Sasuke's older brother). It's still not completely clear why the clan was killed, but we do know who killed the clan; Uchiha Itachi. It's most likely, he did this to prove his strength, to himself or possibly Akatsuki.

It is said that one of the Uchiha clans ancestors founded the Konoha Keimu Butai [Konoha Military Police Force], which explains why the Keimu Butai were almost all Uchiha members. Of course, now that almost the entire clan has been killed, this is no longer true. The Konoha Keimu Butai are in charge of law enforcement within their village, and have legal authority over everyone but the Hokage. They work separately from ANBU, but recognize their good work.

Uchiha's have a unique bloodline ability known as the "Sharingan". A Dojutsu [Eye technique] which changes the eye iris to a deep red color with little black markings on them. The maximum is 3 markings but depending on how skilled you are with the Sharingan, there may only be 2 or even 1 marking.

The Sharingan allows the user to see an object's next move. Allowing for the user to suddenly change their movement pattern to successfully dodge incoming attacks. The most interesting ability about the Sharingan is it's ability to copy any technique he/she sees, or has seen before. However, they cannot copy any techniques of Bloodline origin or summon creatures whom they haven't made an agreement with. Because of this Sharingan ability, a Uchiha member can have a vast amount of techniques backing them up in their arsenary.

Sharingan is believed to have evolved from the Hyuuga clan's "Byakugan", and like the Byakugan, can allow the user to easily see through illusions. Also like the Byakugan, the Sharingan has a weakness. It has rapid Chakra drainage, and it's best to use it sparingly. But unlike the Byakugan a Uchiha member is not given Sharingan at birth. It must be activated, which only happens in threatening danger, or some other kind of desperate need. However, once it's been activated it can be used whenever desired.

Uchiha's trademark techniques are in the Fire Element category, and is where their clan logo originates from. It symbolizes a fan wich feeds the fire. They say your not classed as a Uchiha until you have mastered one of these Fire Elemental techniques. Their are 3 main attacks, and probably many more variations, which have not yet been revealed. The first and most common one being the Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu [Fire Element; Grand Fireball], where the user shoots a large fireball from his/her mouth. Thought of as a much to advanced technique for a Genin to ever learn, most Uchiha clan members learn this while still in the academy. More advanced versions of this are the Katon Housenka no Jutsu [Fire Element, Phoenix Fire], and the Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu [Fire Element; Dragon Fire Technique]. The Ryuuka no Jutsu is basically a much more powerful version of the same attack, and the Housenka no Jutsu is multiple fireballs shot out, often times with kunai knives inside.

Itachi is the perfect example of the strength Uchiha members can have. He graduated the ninja academy at the age of seven, he mastered Sharingan by the age of eight, he became a Chuunin at nine, and a successful ANBU captain at only 13. At 17 he proved to easily be of Jounin rank.

Sharingan is the next step beyond Fire Elemental Techniques. But to go beyond that is a higher level of Sharingan, known as "Mangekyou Sharingan". Apart from looking a bit different, it is incredibly more powerful. For more information on the Advanced Bloodline abilities of the Sharingan, click here.


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