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The Inuzuka Clan may be one of the smaller clans in Konoha, but it's certainly not small in the specialist techniques department. The Inuzuka clan has a special relationship to canines, and are able to fully communicate to their canine allies, like the Aburame Clan can with bugs. So far, in terms of background story and clan origins, little is known. The series has also yet to reveal the mysteries of this special relationship between the Inuzuka and their canines.

Because of this special relationship with canines, the Inuzuka are excellent trackers, and are able to follow the smallest of sense’s. This results in being able to quickly and efficiently track fleeing opponents or captured allies. Now in terms of combat, the Inuzuka are very offensive, and strike with brutal force. Because of their close relationship with canines, the Inuzuka have taken on a fighting style very similar to canines.

This relationship means the owner and the canine work as one to attack their opponent, as seen in techniques like Shikakyu no Jutsu (Quadruped Technique). This attack slightly transforms the users appearance to that of a beast with features such as: fang-like canine teeth and longer claw-like fingernails. Also like a canine they're sense of smell, hearing, strength and speed are increased.

On many occasions the "Shikakyu no Jutsu" is quickly followed by Juujin Bunshin (Beast Human Clone), when done normally, canine then owner take a soldier pill. This increases their chakra substantially. Once the soldier pill has been taken by both canine and user, the Juujin Bunshin is performed. Juujin Bunshin is activated when the canine leaps onto it's master's back and assume the form of their master. This basically means an opponent would be fighting two fully fledged ninja's, each of which look the same.

Also known to be combined with the all these elements is Gatsuuga (Double Piercing Fang). This taijutsu technique makes both parties (ninja and canine) enter a tornado like spin. The users move violently around their opponent confusing and cutting them because of this Shikakyu no Jutsu (which at the time is still being used). Even more deadly, Gatsuuga can make both user and canine enter separate spins resulting in a double attack and leaving the opponent defenseless.

As a last resort attack, the Soutourou (Double Headed Wolf), can be used. In this technique the user and the canine fuse together and transform into an enormous double headed wolf. Going into this state increases the users power by 10 fold, making them incredibly strong. It's only main weakness being it's large Chakra drain, making it impossible to use for very long, and renders the users almost useless when finished. As if this technique wasn't already powerful enough, the user can perform Gatsuuga, while in this form.


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