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Renowned for their size and clumsy nature, the Akimichi clan is certainly one of the most devoted clans to Konoha village. This clan's members easily stand out in a crowd because of their large size and their love for food and eating. While very little is currently known about their back story and what the origins of the Akimichi clan are, their size and abilities makes them a formidable opponent.

Famous for their body enlargement jutsus which they use in devastating ways, their Multi Size jutsus and Meat tank jutsu are the most famous moves of the Akimichi Clan. As the name says, Multi Size no jutsu gives the user the ability to enlarge any part of their body to attack with or defend. Meat Tank is a very unique but bizarre attack, which allows a user to morph him/her self into a large ball. The user does this by technically copying a turtle and tucking in their arms, legs, and head physically into their body, and catapult itself at rapid speeds to the enemy.

The first of several Multi Size jutsus known by the Akimichi clan, is the Partial Double Size Technique (Buban Baika no jutsu). This technique allows the user to largely increase the size of a single part of the body, like an arm or a leg. Advanced users can learn to do more than one part of the body, like both arms.

But above even these moves there is a technique in the Akimichi Clan which has unimaginable strength bestowed on the user. While it could be argued it isn't an actual technique, it can only be used after eating the mysterious "three pills ". These three pills are known as the Houren-gan pill (Blue pill), the Curry pill (Yellow pill), and the Pepper pill (Red pill). While certainly benefiting the user with increased strength, speed and stamina, it is only used in a desperate situation. This attack is known as the Super Double Size Technique or Chou Baika no jutsu.

While being beneficial for the user in the short term, it causes great internal damage to the user and becomes significantly more harmful with each pill taken. It has been known if a user takes all three pills in a single battle it is very likely the user will die because of the huge strain. However, that will be only after a few minutes, which is hopefully enough time for the user to do the damage. In addition, the pills must be taken in a certain order beginning with the Houren-gan pill (the weakest pill) through to the strongest pill, being the Pepper pill.


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