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In the Naruto world their exists many types of Chakra. Here you can find information on the Chakra types which have currently been revealed or otherwise explained.

Normal Chakra: The regular, average type of Chakra everyone is born with, Ninja are trained very early on to learn to control it. The easiest of the Chakra types to control, It can be used in most Chakra requiring techniques. Over time, it can be built up to be more, and more powerful. Because of this, depending on the Ninja's capabilities, the power of this Chakra differs from ninja to ninja. Normal Chakra, is always shown in blue. If you see Chakra on a character in the series not in blue, it has to be a different kind of chakra.

Celestial Gates Chakra: By breaking all of the body's limits on how much strength can be used, a Ninja can access 100% of their total power. These restrictions are known as Gates, 8 gates in all. One's own muscles and Chakra are so powerful that using them to their full capacity will destroy them, literally making the muscles explode or rip into pieces. This Chakra can only be used temporarily, and kills the user after about 5 minutes if all gates have been unlocked. The fewer gates unlocked, the longer the user has until the attack kills them. Because this attack is so dangerous it is classified as a forbidden jutsu. This technique will cause some of the Chakra emitting from the user to green, but don't be fooled this technique still uses normal chakra, just in extremely high amounts.

Cursed Seal Chakra: This type of Chakra can only be used if the user has been given the cursed seal and survived the 10% chance of being killed from it. However, it can only be accessed after all of that person's normal chakra has been drained. One their normal chakra has been drained, a black pattern will come out of the seal and cover most of the user's body. The pattern looks slightly different from user to user, but has virtually no effect on their power. So far the only person who seems to be able to give this mark is Orochimaru. But, it is unlikely he actually invented it. The more this Chakra is used, the more the user depends on it, eventually consuming them, and making them become a slave to whoever it was who gave them the seal. This Chakra type has multiple levels, each level giving the user more, and more power, and making them more, and more dependent on it, and more dangerous to use.

Healing Chakra: Used by most medically specialized ninja for healing purposes, this greenish looking chakra can heal most physical injuries at astounding speeds. It's currently unknown if this type of Chakra is something all ninja are born with, or something that must be attained other ways. To use it, the ninja gathers this Chakra in the area of their body they want to use to heal someone. Highly advanced users of this Chakra are able to even use it to heal themselves, but resulting in that ninja to have a shorter life span.

Biju Chakra: In the Naruto world their exist 9 Biju (Demons/Beasts). Each demon with a certain number of tails. One tail being the weakest, nine tails being the strongest. Some of these Biju have been sealed away within a ninja, because they are simply to powerful to destroy. These ninja are called Jinchuriki. Naruto (9 tailed demon), and Gaara (one tailed demon), are good example of Jinchuriki. Highly trained Jinchuriki are able to tap into the Biju Chakra within them and use it at will. Lesser skilled Jinchuriki can only use this Chakra when in a life threatening situation. This is because if the Jinchuriki dies, the Biju within them dies. So the Biju wants to protect itself from being killed.


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