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Chakra is used constantly throughout the Naruto series. This guide will take you through all the different information there is to know regarding Chakra, in and out of the Naruto series.

Chakra Basics
Chakra is the resulting energy produced, when Physical and Spiritual energies become mixed together. Hand Seals are then used to harness this energy and expel it out of the body; Usually in the form of some kind of attack. Here we will go over all this general kind of Chakra information.

» Detailed Information
All About Chakra
Chakra Controlling
There's more to using Chakra than just forming a Hand Seal and yelling the name of your attack. With perfect control and manipulation of one's own Chakra, the potential to learn virtually any Jutsu is unlocked. To have poor control of one's Chakra, will allow the Ninja to use few Jutsus.

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Controlling Chakra
Chakra Hand Seals
Based on the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, Hand Seals are used by Ninja to perform most attacks. Many of the more complicated and more advanced Jutsus, have a finishing Hand Seal which is unique to that attack. These Hand Seals are not based on the Animals in the Chinese Zodiac.

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Hand Signs
Chakra In the Real World
Referenced as early as the 7th-8th century BC, in the Upanishads, Chakra is no new idea. However, many of the ways Chakra is seen and used in Naruto is completely original, the science and explanations behind it, are directly based upon Chakra in the real world.

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Real Life Chakra
Chakra Training
As explained in the Chakra Controlling section, it's important for Ninja to correctly manipulate and control their own Chakra. Their's many ways Ninja are trained to do this. Of course not every method for doing this have been revealed, but for the ones that have been shown, we have this section.

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Chakra Training
Chakra Types
The average Ninja has the ability to only use the regular type of Chakra. However, more types exist, most of which exist in everyone just like regular Chakra, but are just very difficult to access. Other types can be completely unique to a person or small group of people.

» Detailed Information
Types of Chakra

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