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The majority of this page has been copied word-for-word from Chapter 90 of the Naruto manga series using Toriyama’s World scanlations. For obvious reasons, it would be pointless to try to re-word it when such an official wording is readily available. When VIZ releases their translations for this chapter, we may re-type some (or all) of this page using those translations, since they are after all, the official English translators, and not a fan-group. All images will be posted below the text that relates to them, my comments will be put in [ ], and dialogue of characters talking to each other will be italicized.

"Kakashi: Naruto, Ebisu Sensei’s a tutor who specializes in teaching only the elite. He’s a special Jounin, you know! He’s better."

Well, Naruto, of the three students that I teach in the team #7 you’re the one with the worst basic skills, have him teach it to you thoroughly this time."

"Ebisu: Naruto-kun, after hearing about you and the other two from Kakashi sensei, I analyzed the data and could tell that you aren’t able to control your Chakra very efficiently."

This graph is a simplified chart showing how the body energy and spiritual energy or in other words, the “stamina”, flows within a ninja’s [correct spelling here would actually be ninja with no “s”] body when he uses Ninjutsu, Taijutsu or Genjutsu.

This chart shows the status of the caster before he uses any jutsu when his stamina is at its peak of 100%.

First, when the caster uses Taijutsu, the control of the stamina is very simple. There is no need for any hand poses nor is there any need for Chakra (although there are some exceptions). Only the stamina naturally needed for that particular martial art skill is consumed.

However, in the cases where you use Ninjutsu (ninja spells) or Genjutsu (Illusions). First, there is a need to build up the Chakra required to use that particular technique.

From there, it is necessary to control the Chakra, according to the amount needed for that particular jutsu, by using a series of complex hand poses.

Of course, the energy used for the Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, or Genjutsu is expelled and will disperse! In other words, think of it as a 0% stamina & 0% chakra means you die.

Well then, with the previous explanation as a basis, I will explain further using Bunshin no Jutsu as an example. We will say that the Chakra needed to create the four clones is 30%.

First in Sakura’s case, she can build up exactly 30% Chakra when she wants to activate this jutsu. And when she activates this jutsu by going through the hand motions she can control the amount of Chakra necessary very precisely so…

She can split perfectly into her four clones and still save 70% of her stamina! 

He’s inept in building up his Chakra so he will create 40%, which is much more than needed, when really only 30% is needed.

But, because the control he exerts over his Chakra is perfect like Sakura-kun, there is no problem here.  

And so, he can split into four but… because Sasuke-kun will not be able to reconvert the extra 10% Chakra into stamina, it results in the 10% extra Chakra being wasted…He’s only able to conserve 60% of his stamina!

"Naruto: What do ya know! Sasuke aint so great after all! HAHA!"

"Ebisu: In your case…you can’t afford to be laughing at others."

You are even more inept than Sasuke-kun in creating Chakra so when you only need 30%, you inadvertently create 50%.

Furthermore, in your case, you’re so unskilled at controlling your Chakra that you can only use 10% when really you should be using 30%.

You are only able to conserve 50% of your stamina and can create only one clone with 40% of wasted Chakra just remaining unused!...Even when you three use the same jutsu, there is this much of a difference!  

"Ebisu: Well, this example might have been a little exaggerated to show the difference in you three. But you, Naruto-kun, first of all, build up too much Chakra, use too much stamina and your jutsu activation is also unstable."

"Naruto: But, even I had times when I was more terrific than Sakura-chan or Sasuke!"

"Kakashi: That’s because among the three, you just happen to have the greatest amount of stamina"

"Kakashi (to self): Well! On the other hand, it can also be said that because of the influence from Kyubi, who is at the root of that stamina the Chakra becomes more difficult to control…"

[This chapter of the Naruto manga series, was highly modified when put into the anime series, and thus the images seen in this section are from the manga and not the anime.]


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