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Naruto: Shippuden Episode 7 - Run, Kankuro
posted by Island on 20 Nov 2009 05:20

The episode starts with Deidara carrying a beaten Gaara off. The Sand Village, still hoping to retrieve the Kazekage, fire another arrow at Deidara, who dodges it. Baki tells the troops to cease fire, as it might hit Gaara. Kankuro decides to go after Deidara, who's heading back to Sasori, instead of waiting for backup. When the Akatsuki members leave, Kankuro and his group find the dead Sand shinobi, after wondering why there were no signs of them. Kankuro suspects there is a traitor in the village. Aktasuki leaves several trails for him to follow, but he is able to follow the right one because of Gaara's armor.

After Temari tells Shikamaru that he would have no problem becoming a Jounin, she decides to head back to the Sand Village. Kankuro finally catches up to the two Akatsuki. The episode finsihes with Deidara leaving and Kankuro sending one of his three puppets after him, but Sasori catches it with his metallic tail, to Kankuro's surprise.

Naruto 471 - Tailed Beast, Version 2
posted by Island on 12 Nov 2009 09:57

Kisame has revealed Samehada's true form to his oppenent, Killer Bee. Killer Bee spits some ink out of his mouth, over his finger, and notes Kisame's name down. Killer Bee then gets ready to charge forward, with seven chakra tails. As Bee charges forward, aiming at Kisame with his sword, Kisame uses Samehada to block the attack and absorbs six chakra tails with ease. With only one tail left, Killer Bee gets ready to perform his next plan of action.

Meanwhile, the Mizukage and Chojiro are tracking down Ao. Ao's body is still being controlled by one of Danzo's ANBU agents, Fu. Fu tries to cut out Ao's Byakugan eye, but he can't since it has a special seal on it. Fu, however, thinks of a plan to still get the Byakugan for Danzo, by cutting his own head off and returning to his body before he dies. Fu ties a small, scythelike weapon, to a tree, so the blade is sticking out, and climbs the tree. As Fu gets ready to jump off the tree, Ao warns him that if he goes back to his body too early, Ao will block the blade. However, Fu doesn't listen to him and jumps anyway.

Back at Kisame and Killer Bee's battle, the Eight Tails asks Bee to let him out and fight. But Bee tells him that he won't do that, since he'll destroy the area and Sabu and Ponta would be at risk. Bee says he's going to use, "Version 2" and asks the Eight Tails for some of his chakra. Bee then transforms into a smaller version of the Eight Tails. Bee charges straight into Kisame and seriously injures him. Killer Bee reverts back to his "Version 1" eight tailed form, since Samehada absorbed a great deal of his chakra, and the sword heals Kisame back to full health.

Kisame then unleashes a huge tsunami of water from his mouth, covering the whole area they're fighting in. Kisame then combines with Samehada, transforming into a demonic shark-like monster.

Written by Madara.

Naruto 458 - A Meeting To Shake The World
posted by Amerowolf on 01 Aug 2009 06:28

The chapter starts off with Gaara explaining that he had his Bijuu extracted and pointing out that he had received no help from the other countries when he asked for it. He is demeaned by the Tsuchikage for not going out on his own to retrieve it. Godaime Mizukage admits that she is not afraid as the Bijuu need to grow with the host to be able to control them, even then it is difficult.It is revealed that the only people to be able control them fully was Madara, Killer Bee, Yondaime Mizukage, and Shodaime Hokage.

Suddenly, Raikage pounds his fist upon the ground in anger at the bickering, causing the bodyguards that each of the Kages had brought to appear ready to attack, Raikage is, of course, defended by his own men. After the bodyguards are called off, Raikage admits that he cannot trust Konoha, Kiri, Suna, and Iwa as the Akatsuki was made up from their mssing-nins and that the countries use the Akatsuki.

The Akatsuki was used by Tsuchikage to make money, by Gaara's father, the former Kazekage to attack Konoha, and to otherwise make a country prepared for war when they needed experianced soldiers. Raikage believes that Mizukage and the Kiri are the most suspicious as the Yondaime Mizukage cut off relations with other countries, isolating themselves. It was assumed that the Yondaime Mizukage was being controlled by an outside source, possibly Akatsuki.

Danzou reveals to the Kage council that Mandara Uchiha is the leader of Akatsuki, they are all shocked. The neutral Mifune suggests that they form a Five-Country Alliance to deal with the Akatsuki threat.

Elsewhere, Sai informs Sakura that naruto was badly beaten but refused to sell Sasuke out. Naruto is now on his way to ask Raikage to forgive Sasuke to continue to try and fulfill his promise to Sakura to bring Sasuke back.

Back at the meeting, Mifune suggests that since Konoha is the only country with a Jinchuuriki, that Danzou the Hokage should lead the army of the five allied countries. The Kage's are shocked and angered.

Tensions rise at the Kage summit, will the meeting become a battlefield?

Weekly Naruto Caption Contest
posted by Masked_Felix on 28 Feb 2009 07:38

Wut? Weekly Naruto Caption Contest? I wonder what this is you may or may not be asking yourself. Well, its exactly what it sounds like. Every week a blank Manga scan well be put up and its your job to provide a hilarious caption, story, line, etc. Post your comment here and wait for the winner to be announced. The prize for this contest? Well, for every week you win, that’s how long you can keep a colorful user name or custom rank!



1. Everyone can post up to three entries for the contest.
2. You don’t have to upload the scan itself with the text, for speech bubble replacement, but it does show more effort.
3. The contest will start every Monday and end the following week.
4. Spamming this thread up with useless comments will not be tolerated. There are people watching…
5. Have fun.


[Written by Zero]

Naruto Weekly Debate - Peace
posted by Masked_Felix on 27 Feb 2009 11:07

Nagato has said that the world will experience intervals of peace interrupted by brief intervals of fighting and war under his plan to secure peace. When he asks Naruto for an alternative answer, he's unable to produce one.

What about you? Can you think of a better plan for world peace? Don't forget to be realistic. Although it's ideal that people understand each other, they won't simply do it in an instant. How would you accomplish the culmination of this understanding? Alternatively, do you believe Nagato is onto something and has the right train of thought?

Naruto 437 - Confession
posted by Masked_Felix on 27 Feb 2009 10:40

Pain rebukes Naruto's idea of people understanding each other, claiming it to be nothing but a fantasy. Once again, Naruto remembers the words of Jiraiya and shouts back at Pain that he's wrong. Finally tiring of Naruto's resistance, Pain claims Naruto is all talk and tells him that all he could do is give up the Nine Tailed Fox's power as he places more black rods throughout Naruto's body as Hinata watches from a distance.

Back at Shizune's body, the group decides to split up to search for Pain's true body. Shikamaru stays behind because of his injury to wait for further information. The group also decides to have Katsuyu relay the information to other survivors who could search as well.

Team Gai approaches the village as they return from a mission and happen upon the injured Gamabunta. Neji recognizes it as one of Jiraiya's summons and Gai is surprised by the information.

Naruto, unable to move, is at Pain's complete mercy now. Ma toad begins to shout at him not to give up, and that he's the child of prophecy. Pain simply quiets her by using Shinra Tensei to slam her back. Pain then moves to take Naruto away, but suddenly has to dodge out of the way of an attacking Hinata. She places herself between Naruto and God Realm claiming that she won't let him lay another finger on Naruto.

Naruto yells for her to escape since she's no match for Pain. Hinata quietly responds that she knows that. She's there because she wants to be. As Hinata remembers her past, she tells Naruto that she always used to cry and give up, and nearly went the wrong way, but Naruto showed her the right way. She tells him of how she was always chasing him because she wanted to be with him and of how he changed her, and how his smile saved her, and because of that she wasn't afraid to die protecting him. Naruto's eyes widen as she finally confesses that she loves him. He's speechless as she rushes at God Realm, beginning to rotate into an attack called the Juho Soshiken. However, God Realm simply crushes her into the ground with Shinra Tensei, knocking her into a bloody unconsciousness.

Pain pulls out another black rod and meeting eyes with Naruto and ignoring the pleas for him to stop, drives the spike through her. Pain casually mentions that the event was just like how his parents were killed by Konoha ninjas before his own eyes. He says that love brings sacrifice which brings hatred.

If his words were meant to calm Naruto, they had the opposite effect. The Jinchuriki flew into a sudden explosive rage like never seen before. In his anger, Naruto suddenly transformed into a Six Tailed Fox as his emotions seethed worse than ever before. Despite such a display, Pain just says that his pain is still greater than Naruto's.

Naruto 436 - Peace
posted by Masked_Felix on 27 Feb 2009 10:26

Inoichi explains what he has discovered about Pain. He mentions that Pain uses the black rods the bodies are pierced with to receive Chakra Signals. Normally, to send such signals, the sender should be as close as possible to the receiver. However, to transmit long distances, the best place to be would be somewhere very high, like the tower in Amagekure. He concludes that the real Pain must be in the highest location near Konoha. With this discovery, the group agrees to begin a search for the real Pain.

Meanwhile, God Realm agrees to explain himself to Naruto in hopes that he'd perhaps cooperate and understand his plan. He begins by explaining that he wants to acquire peace. Naruto scoffs at him and gets angry, yelling that he'd destroyed his master, his teachers, his friends, and his village. Pain indulges him and asks what, then, did he want? Naruto responds as always that he wanted to defeat Pain and bring peace to the world of Ninjas. Upon such an answer, Pain begins to explain to Naruto where he was wrong. He mentions that what Naruto wanted was justice for himself and his village. However, Pain moves on to say that his family, his friends, and his village were all destroyed as well. He postulates: is Konoha the only one allowed to talk about justice? Naruto begins to be confused, and inquires further. God Realm tells of how Nations make war to protect their interests and for national gain. However, his small village was always the battleground for the surrounding large nations, and it was always left to bear the wounds of war. Pain then reveals to Naruto that the same justice that Naruto seeks against himself is what he himself sought against Konoha. Then he speaks of how justice and revenge build upon each other to become a chain of hatred, and how people will never understand each other. Naruto is taken back in thought to Jiraiya saying just the opposite: that one day people will understand one another. However, he still can't think of how it would come to pass, and when Pain asks him, he has no answer.

Then, Pain begins to unfold the reason for Akatsuki. It was created to gather the power of all the tailed beasts to make a weapon that could destroy and entire country in an instant. The world would know pain and the fear of that pain would put and end to war and lead to peace.

Naruto exclaims that kind of peace would be nothing but a lie. Pain retorts that people are stupid and if he didn't perform his plan, there would be no peace of any kind. He moves on to say that he realizes that eventually people wouldn't fear the weapon anymore and begin fighting again. Then they would use the weapon themselves and once more remember true pain.

Nagato himself is now shown in an unknown location finishing Pain's sentence of how the world would oscillate between periods of peace and war. He looks very frail, and his body is incredibly thin, showing all of his bones. Nagato appears to move with a machine that he is connected to by black rods similar to that of Pain. Konan is by his side, pleading with him not to overdo it because of his enormous chakra use. As a trickle of blood falls out of his mouth, Nagato once again says that he can see peace.

Naruto 435 - Bansho Tenin
posted by Masked_Felix on 27 Feb 2009 10:26

Naruto squints open an eye and tells Pain that it isn't over yet. As soon as all of the Sage Chakra is absorbed from Naruto, Hungry Ghost Realm begins to turn into a Frog Statue. Naruto remarks that Narural Energy is difficult to control and breaks out of the Full-Nelson. Naruto tells God Realm that he's the only one left when Katsuyu tells Naruto that someone appears to be controlling Pain from the shadows. Before Naruto can contemplate this, Ma and Pa jump into action to use their Genjutsu. Not even concerned, God Realm uses Banshou Tenin to pull Pa Toad into a black rod, impaling and seemingly killing him.

At the site of Shizune's body, Shikamaru and the others contemplate the riddle of Pain, when suddenly at the mention of corpses, Inoichi figures out Pain's secret.

Naruto, angry at the loss of Pa toad charges at God Realm who tosses Pa's body at him and then pulls him in by the throat with Bansho Tenin before slamming Naruto into the ground. He then stakes Naruto's hands to the ground using a black rod and inquires if he'd like to come along quietly once more. Naruto, clearly over a barrel can just shout questions: Who are you? What do you want? Why are you doing this? Pain seems to show a bit of pity and agrees to talk a bit with the immobile Naruto.

Naruto 434 - Naruto vs. God Realm
posted by Masked_Felix on 27 Feb 2009 10:25

God Realm thinks to himself that the battle is getting close, and uses Shinra Tensei to push Naruto back away from him and destroy the Kage Bunshin. As the three large Toad summons jump in to help, God Realm uses Shinra Tensei again to blast them an incredible distance away from the center of the ruined village. Pa mentions that they'll need to use Genjutsu to handle God Realm.

Various members of Konoha are shown worrying about what was happening, all coming to the resolution to have faith in him. Hinata tries to run to his aid, but is stopped by a Hyuuga ninja who tells her she'd only be in the way.

Naruto, Ma, and Pa Toad formulate a plan to finish off God Realm based on the Song Genjutsu and it's explained that Naruto could only make two Kage Bunshin to absorb Nature Energy, and after that he could only make three in battle, else it interferes with those focusing the Nature Chakra.

God Realm tells Naruto that he's very strong and that no one had ever gotten this far against Pain before. He then uses Bansho Tenin to pull Naruto into a Full-Nelson at the hands of Hungry Ghost Realm. Hinata looks on in worry, and Ma and Pa Toad continue to gather enough Nature Chakra to use their Song Genjutsu as quickly as they can. Naruto tells Pain with a grin that his attack didn't hurt, but then winces as he realizes that his Chakra is being absorbed. Naruto's eyes then close and Sage Mode vanishes. Pain declares that the Nine Tailed Fox has been captured.

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